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It does much more than bring in the holiday spirit

Christmas is the season to be happy, but Christmas music spreads happiness all year round. There is no rule stating that Xmas music is to be played, and listened to only during the holiday season. You can listen to the songs whenever you want, all year round because of the effects it creates on you.

Like any other form of music, Christmas music also changes your mood. It’s not surprising if someone who has undergone some trauma like the loss of a loved one feels better after listening to it. It’s anyway music which gives you a sense of empowerment, to help improve your emotional state of mind.

It’s surprising to note that most of the traditional Christmas music has been around for hundreds of years. The reason they have survived all these days is just because they are so easy to sing, access and enjoy.

It doesn’t matter who wants to listen or sing the song, a jazz ensemble or carolers, anyone can enjoy Christmas music. Uplifting music like the all-popular Jingle Bell Rock and a Holy Jolly Christmas have positive effects, both physically and psychologically.

It’s because the effects of music, in general, are divided into two categories, perceived and felt emotions.

Xmas music and perceived emotions

Perceived emotions are felt when you appreciate only what the tone dispels, but you don’t feel the actual emotion imbibed in it. This is exactly what you experience while you listen to Christmas music. It’s so uplifting and joyous; it brings you out of any misery or ill feelings you may be experiencing. You experience this if you don’t pay heed to the lyrics meanings but just enjoy the Christmas tunes.

Felt emotions

However, felt emotions occur when you connect to the feelings, and lyrics behind the song you are listening to. You tend to listen to the words and get affected by the meanings because you relate it to yourself and your life. This may or may not be productive or helpful to you.

It all depends on the listener. Some people actually take respite listening to these lyrics because they associate it with whatever is going on in their lives. It is this association that makes them feel better.

It’s ironical to reminiscence that while Christmas music does make people happier, some of them are depressing, like George Michael’s ‘Last Christmas’. It’s these songs which may put people into loneliness, but once again, as mentioned earlier, it all depends on the type of emotions it triggers.

If it is felt emotions then you may end up lonelier after listening to it. However, if you don’t actually listen to the words, but just enjoy the tune, then there’s no chance of your feeling bored or lonely again!

Xmas music and its nostalgic effects

It’s not only emotions, but any sort of music is also associated with nostalgia. How many of you go down memory lane while listening to songs from the early 2000s? There are quite a few songs that bring back memories of incidents that occurred in primary school just like it occurred yesterday.

Similarly listening to some Christmas music and songs tends to trigger memories of joyous Christmas holidays spent with the family or someone special.

It triggers beautiful memories and makes you feel warm and fuzzy, practically child-like. It’s mainly the memories and not just the music or melodies of Xmas music that makes you feel good.

And why is this? Well, it’s because Christmas music already has a positive association in you. So whenever you listen to it, it helps trigger positive thoughts and feelings not only during Christmas but anytime you want.

It’s not just the nostalgia; you get an entirely different experience listening to Christmas music, something you had grown up with. It’s these memories that make you excited and look forwarded to listening to Bing Crosby this evening.

There’s a possibility that your brother loved some of the songs, and used to sing it. So listening to them brings back fond memories of your brother singing it, and the fun you two had together in the holidays.

How and where you can listen to free Christmas music

The internet makes it easier for you to enjoy your music. You no longer have to head to the store to buy an album. You can play whatever music you want from the comfort of your home, on your computer or Smartphone. To make things better, it’s free. You don’t have to spend a penny to listen to your favourite Xmas tunes and carols.

There are so many sites offering free Christmas music. You just have to conduct a few searches on your favorite search engine. You can even lookup Christmas music YouTube channels.

You are sure to find quite an assortment of Xmas songs to listen to and enjoy. It’s not only songs; there are also Christmas music instrumental versions which are equally interesting.

Some sites make things even easier for you. Instead of your having to check each site for different songs and compositions, there offer ready Christmas music playlists to listen to. These playlists provide hours of continued listening pleasure as you listen to your favorite Christmas songs and carols.

Don’t worry. Even if you don’t like the songs in their playlist, you can always create your own personalized Christmas music playlist. You just have to go on adding all your favorite songs to the list to listen to it whenever you want.

How you can enjoy your Christmas music playlist

It’s surprising to find out that out of the many playlists on the internet; more than 50% of them constitute Christmas related material. There are also playlists with spins on the genre which range from reggae and rock to opera, and even have bossa nova and hits of the decade.

Don’t be surprised to even find some traditional Christmas music in the list and even punk rock playlists with songs like ‘Merry F***ing Christmas’! You can also find curated holiday mixes composed by pop artists like CeeLo and Mariah Carey for their fans.

Instead of just listening to Christmas music, you can enjoy it better if you have a group of friends. You could all meet up at a place to listen to, and sing songs together.

You could perhaps look for a place with karaoke and sing all your favorite songs to your heart’s content. However, it’s better to do this only during Christmas karaoke sessions instead of a regular session.

There’s a chance that the others at the venue may not enjoy Christmas songs and music. Then again, it’s a personal choice, and if the others there have no problem, you can sing to your heart’s content!

You can also listen to Christmas music to liven the spirit and foster in the holiday spirit while putting up your tree and lights. You will also enjoy yourself while baking your favorite Xmas cake yourself while listening to the songs.

10 Reasons you should and can listen to Christmas music all year long


1. Catchy tunes

It goes without saying that song like ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Let It Snow’ have catchy tunes and lyrics that keep repeating in your mind long after you stop listening to it. It’s this catchy aspect of Christmas music that makes it so beautiful and a reason to listen to.

2. Not something new

You could say that there’s practically no one who hasn’t listened to or heard Christmas music. It’s not just those who celebrate Christmas, even people who don’t celebrate have listened to it at some point in their lives.

So it’s more like a universal form of music appreciated and enjoyed by everyone. This is why it’s the perfect music to play during a car ride singing some of the most memorable songs around.

3. A haven for Bing Crosby fans

It’s especially Bing Crosby fans who love listening to Christmas music. Some of the most popular Christmas tunes you find are traced back to his original Christmas album.

It’s said that his album was the highest-selling holiday albums till a few years back. And who’s to complain? The gorgeous song ‘O Holy Night’ is an all-time favorite with practically everyone who loves Christmas and its wonderful tunes.

4. A feeling of joy

This is the most important and obvious reason to listen to Christmas music. The vibrancy, cheerfulness and upbeat quality of the tunes and songs help make anyone feeling lonely or in a bad mood feel better.

Sometimes all it needs is half an hour listening to these songs to take you to another happier place and better time in life. It brings back hope and happiness in your life, something you may think you’d lost just before listening to the music.

5. A genre for everyone

Christmas music is so versatile in its collection that there’s some song or tune for everyone. You have singers from all genres like Mariah Carey having something to offer in Xmas music.

In other words, any music lover will love Christmas music. It comprises of upbeat pop songs that lift your mood, sad and lonely country ballads to get you all sentimental. There are also some heavy metal bangers that actually bring out the Christmas spirit with their banging!

6. Something for every mood

Just like there are Christmas songs in all genres, there’s music that’s perfect for any mood. This means that it’s not always people listen to Christmas music for the happiness it creates.

There are those with a faraway love or home who prefer listening to sad and slow songs. There are also those who like angry songs because it relates to some unfairness in their love and life.

While it’s okay to listen to sad and angry Christmas music, it’s better to do so only if you can handle it. The last thing you want a Christmas music playlist to do is to bring out some past ill memories. You don’t want it to make you feel even worse than you were before listening to it!

7. Wonderful remixes

Remixes don’t always come out great. Sometimes the original songs are way better than the remix. However, this doesn’t usually apply to Christmas music. This is one spectrum of music where a new approach remixes and improves the quality and effects of traditional Christmas music.

Most of the time these remixes are created with an exciting new twist added to the existing song. It ends up creating a song that is much more entertaining than it first was.

8. Christmas memories

This is another great reason to listen to Christmas music whenever you want. No matter which song or tune you listen to, it’s sure to bring back Christmas memories.

It takes you back to perhaps the most joyful time of the year where you spend time with family putting up the Christmas tree and exchanging gifts. Sometimes all it takes are these memories to bring back joy and happiness in an otherwise sad or boring day.

9. Makes you feel young once again

With the memories of you spending time around the Christmas tree with your family are the childlike feelings it brings out in you. You remember the feeling of joy you felt hanging Christmas decorations and lighting up the house with your parents.

It reminds you of the carol groups you were a part of and the memories associated with them. And of course, it reminds you of the delicious food and cakes you used to eat as a family at Christmas. All this makes you want to foster the same habits and memories in your kids.

10. A Universal gift

Christmas music is better enjoyed if you look at it as a giant gift from the universe for everyone to enjoy. Its music that makes you feel happy and at times may also be heartbreaking. Its music you can party to, or sing loudly so that everyone around you can hear it.

However, despite all this, it’s still one of the most underrated types of music. People assume that Christmas music is meant to be enjoyed and listened to only during the holiday season.

On the contrary, listening to a Christmas music playlist throughout the year inflicts may benefit to the listener. It makes you feel better, brings back memories of your childhood and is just pleasing to listen to. So if you love listening to Christmas tunes and carols, you should continue to do so, any time of the year.

Don’t feel embarrassed and restrict yourself from listening to it only during the holiday season. This is music to be enjoyed any time of the day and year, in whatever mood you may be.

You don’t even have to put in many efforts to listen to your favorite Christmas tunes. As long as you have an internet connection and a Smartphone, laptop or a Bluetooth speaker you can enjoy your favorite songs on the go, at the office, at home or even at a party.

A good habit to inculcate-Christmas music for kids.

There are also kid-friendly sites offering Christmas music for kids. Good habits are always better inculcated from a young age. Children will appreciate the peace and happiness they get from Christmas music if they listen to it from a young age.

Besides, it’s the same music they hear now that triggers nostalgia in the future while listening to the same songs later on. With this nostalgia are the happy memories of everything they had experienced in childhood.


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