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All you need to know about Christmas carols

It does not matter if you are throwing a holiday party, getting into the holiday mood or decking up the place. The atmosphere is incomplete without Christmas carols. Many shopping malls play Xmas carols during the holiday season in a bid to share the festive spirit with their shoppers.

Even schools and churches have choirs and concerts of the most popular Christmas carols during the holiday season. Most radio stations play playlists of holiday music through November and December.

So it’s proven that a list of Christmas carols goes a long way to set the festive mood. The songs are usually a combination of the best holiday novelty songs, traditional Christmas carols, timeless classics or some pop-music favorites.

There are also various legit sites online with Christmas carols for you to download and listen to at your convenience. There’s more about this later on in the article!

All about Christmas carols

If you have wondered about the origins of the word ‘carol’, it’s a medieval word with French and Anglo-Norman origins. It is supposed to mean a dance song or a circle dance with singing. But there is also a broader definition for it, which is that it expresses joy and is connected with Christmas.

Some of the carols are also used as a means of describing late medieval English songs on different subjects. These carols consist of a verb and refrain, which are usually portrayed and sung in alternates.

History of Christmas carols

Christmas carols have a rich history, and understanding this history will give you a much deeper appreciation for it. As mentioned earlier, the word carol is associated with a circle dance and singing.

It is not that clear about when the first carol was written. However it is historically said that the circa 1350 to 1550 period is supposed to be the golden era of English carols. Most of the Christmas carols of this period followed a verse-refrain pattern, which were sung alternatively.

This form of singing soon developed as a means and outlet for people to express joy. It was after all the singing and dancing that Christmas carols were finally introduced to religious institutions. This is where history states that St. Francis of Assisi had introduced carols to his nativity plays and Christmas mass in 1223.

The evolution of Xmas carols

It was only after 800 years of singing Xmas carols in religious celebrations did the practice of caroling recently start. It was in the early 1900s that caroling became a mode of entertainment to people. It was also when homeowners started offering the carolers drinks and treats and also donated food or money to local charities.

Did you know that today’s modern and popular Christmas carols are less than 50 years old? There are some favorite Christmas carols songs which are much older than thought. This was because of the unclear origins, and because Christmas carols records were not accurately dated or properly maintained.

However, it is possible to get an idea of how history has affected its evolution just by examining the dates of the most popular Christmas carols. The older ones like ‘Away in a Manger’ are more religious in nature, while current events heavily influence the other Christmas carols songs.

For example, the Christmas carol ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ was first recorded during World War II. It was perhaps penned by one of the soldiers looking forward to returning home for Christmas.

Then you have the perky and uplifting carols recorded during the 1950s that are great for Christmas karaoke. The modern Christmas carols are generally more individualized and unique in nature. You have for example the wide range of funny Christmas songs.

One thing’s for sure, however. Despite the history of Christmas carols, as long as Christmas music reigns, there will always be new Christmas carol lyrics and songs.

6 reasons to sing Christmas carols

Caroling is something that has no age boundaries. People of all ages come together in homes, hotels, and huts to sing carols and celebrate Christmas. Do you wonder the reason why?

It’s because caroling is much more than just singing songs. It’s a community event that gives a reason for people from all walks of life to be together. Did you know that there are these 6 more reasons to sing Christmas songs?

1. A reason to sing your heart out

Most of you may be bathroom singers and do not have an opportunity to let the world know about your talents. Caroling is one opportunity you get to showcase your talent and the talent of all the other ‘singers’ around you.

You will be surprised by the different types of carolers you will find in your group. Some of them have voices with a high pitch; others have a very low baritone voice. They together help bring out the beauty of the tune and Christmas songs lyrics of most Christmas carols.

It is all thanks to God’s direct commands to sing His message of grace and truth together that people come together to go caroling. If there were no commands, then perhaps there wouldn’t have been a reason for carolers to go caroling.

It is all thanks to the Creator that people are compelled to come together to go caroling. They in the process get to experience the joys of singing through Christmas carols. Besides, it’s while you sing Christmas carols that your faith in Him increases every time you sing them.

2. Christmas songs lyrics teach you deep truths

Not many realize that Christmas carols can actually tell you some historical truths. Most of the Xmas carols you have been singing over the years are lyrical masterpieces of hymns.

They have behind them a rich history spanning centuries, and the more you sing about them the more you end up catechized by what you sing. There is no other song or document that tells you about life’s richest doctrinal depths than carols.

Despite its depth, children still love singing Christmas carols. Little do they know that these very Christmas carol lyrics prove helpful to them through their lives. In short, the carols help carry truths through life, and to the next generation.

3. The most popular Christmas carols can bring different generations together

Speaking about generation, as mentioned earlier, Christmas carols bring people of all generations together. Christmas is in fact that one season that helps bridge the gap between generations in friends and families.

It is not just the young and old. Even people from all walks of life, both Christians and non-Christians come together in His name to sing Christmas carols. Even children enjoy themselves singing their Christmas carols for kids.

It is the melody and tunes of Christmas carols, especially the modern songs and remixes that compel even non-Christians to sing. They do not consider it just a form of worship, but also a means of entertainment and enjoyment with their friends and family.

4. Christmas songs are wonderful works of art

Christmas carols are indeed a work of art. So much is put into creating the musicality of its hymns, melodies and orchestrations composed. It’s astonishing, and lovely how Xmas carols are composed in not one, but a variety of genres.

This proves its versatility, and how masterful a piece of musical art it is. The best Christmas carols are not only composed in various genres and styles. They are also interwoven into the others to create a huge masterpiece, and Christmas carols.

You could say that the result is an audible tapestry that expresses the gospel story to all generations. Christmas carols help present this information through a tapestry’s note, chord, and arpeggio.

5. Popular Christmas carols make a strong source of inspiration

It is also interesting to know that Christmas carols can be a source of inspiration. If you wonder how and why, well it is through some of the Christmas carol lyrics.

They tend to remind us to tap into the hidden reserves of a child’s wonder, awe, and simplicity. These are feelings we tend to forget, or rather tends to wear out as we grow into adults.

These ‘worn out feelings’ are needed to stimulate thoughts and questions in one’s mind. It is these thoughts and questions in turn which inspire, and give answers to various situations and conditions in life.

6. Makes you feel happy

Last, but not least, most of the best Christmas carols make you feel better, and more cheerful after singing them. These songs in turn deliver cheer to your heart and some optimism to better days and life.

There are also some Christmas carols songs like the Red-Nosed Reindeer that practically pulls you to your feet when it starts playing. You feel happy as you dance or just tap your feet or clap your hands to the beats of the music. There are also some Christmas carols lyrics that tickle your funny bone, and make you laugh.

Where and how you can enjoy your popular Christmas carols

As mentioned earlier, you no longer need DVD players, DVD or audio cassettes to listen to old or new Christmas carols. The internet today offers a variety of legit sites you can visit to enjoy your Christmas carols. You do not even have to spend any money to download, listen or enjoy the best Christmas carols. This is because the sites offer free downloads.

The only thing you need to know is how to find these websites. The wrong search can lead you to the wrong, illegal sites where you may not find all the Xmas carols you are looking for. Besides, some sites charge you for the Christmas carols, which is a waste, because you can get them for free on other sites.

How to search for popular Christmas carols

With Christmas carols available in so many genres, it is only by performing the right search will you get the songs you want. This is easily done, where you just have to type the right keywords to get accurate results.

This means that if you are looking for ‘free traditional Christmas carols’, these are the words you should type into the browser. Then if you type the words ‘free Christmas carols from top indie artists’, you get a collection of contemporary and traditional Xmas carols.

There are also sites offering seasonal sound and audio files of Christmas carols for kids. You can visit these sites and download your chosen audio files.It’s also possible to listen to your favorite Christmas carols songs without downloading any files. You can do this by alternatively directly streaming the music on the site onto your Smartphone, speaker or computer.

Of course, it is better to download your favorite Christmas carols so that you can listen to them whenever you want to. You needn’t worry about internet connectivity issues with the Christmas carols downloaded and ready for listening.

Download popular Christmas carols in the right format

It’s while downloading these Xmas carols that you can create your list of Christmas carols. Remember that downloads come in different formats like MP3 and MIDI. You will have to right-click on your preferred format to download a tune.

Once you have a playlist complied at a specific site, you have your list of Christmas carols ready when you visit the site. This is quicker and more convenient than sitting in front of the radio for hours, recording your favorite Christmas songs on an audio cassette.

You do not even need an internet connection to play you Christmas songs once you have your playlist ready. All you require is your device to listen to your songs like a Smartphone, speaker or laptop or PC.

Most efficient list of Christmas carols

You can even share these playlists of your favorite Christmas carols with your friends and family. For example, being able to compile playlists proves helpful while preparing for caroling.

You just have to compile a playlist of all the Xmas carols you will be singing, and share it with all the carolers. You do not need to even carry along any books or papers while you go caroling. Practically everyone has a smartphone today. You can share the playlists so that everyone has it ready to refer to on their phones while caroling.

One last word about Christmas carols. While people sing them most during the holiday season, there is no steadfast rule that this is the only time to sing them.

You can listen to, and even sing Christmas carols anytime and every time you want to. They make a great stress buster, help you feel better when you are depressed and are on an overall, entertaining.

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